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Lesbian Erotica at Met Art Gallery

Staci submitted her email instead of a link in the submission box. When we replied to her, she submitted this review, along with a link to a whole lot of her favorite images.

“One of the favors I do for (to?) myself every year is to subscribe to Met Art. It is a collection of the best erotica photographers, so there is a ridiculous amount of images (around half a million I think)…. and they are the sexiest, most beautiful pictures on the internet!!! You can search by girls alone or lesbian, video or photographs or whatever. For me its like being able to look at the prettiest girls in the world whenever I want a treat.”

Included is a small sample of her favorites from the collection. Thanks, Staci!

I could only post thumbnails here, but you can see just as good higher resolution pix here.

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