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Lesbian Tribbing Video

Tribbing, sexy real kissing at the beginning, a passionate ending – what more can we say, other than this nice video goes for nearly 30 minutes.

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1 Dan { 01.16.09 at 2:49 pm }

I was skeptical at first as the blond looks like a porn star. But this is one of the best clips I’ve seen in a looong time! Thanks for posting!

2 Nicole { 03.06.09 at 12:17 am }

This was beautiful. Very authentic and just delicious!! Thanks for posting!

3 asdf { 03.14.09 at 8:55 pm }

I love the brunet girl. She has amazing face.

4 David { 03.17.09 at 8:03 am }

The video stops loading for me at 1:13 every time! (on every browser)

5 kate { 04.03.09 at 3:04 pm }

Wow!! this reminds me so much of my girlfriend and i. It was like they were really in love!

6 sl { 04.23.09 at 5:42 am }

makes me miss women immensely, all that softness, but the long fingernails are hetero!! the brunette ate the blonde like a porno, not like how it is really done when one really enjoys it, these girls seem to be enjoying themselves which is awesome, but where is the wetness?? long finger nailes, dead give-away!! heteros

7 miau { 05.09.09 at 12:32 pm }
8 Jason { 05.17.09 at 8:19 pm }

That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life…I now plan to go kill myself and once I do I will then be reincarnated as a beautiful European lesbian woman and I will make love like this 12 hours a day to other beautiful women.

9 winx { 07.25.09 at 12:38 am }

i enjoy the part where they have kids together.

10 Diane { 09.03.09 at 9:12 am }

These ladies are gorgeous together. You can tell that even though they are not truly lesbian they do insanely enjoy the touch of another woman. Best video I’ve seen in years.

And yes .. long nails did give them away.

11 Yvette { 11.09.09 at 12:34 am }

Oh Yummy…I miss the taste of pussy…What’s with all this long fingernails bullshit…I have long nails, doesnt mean I dont know how to make love to a woman….tribbing is my fave…soooo Hot

12 diana { 11.24.09 at 3:32 am }

long fingernails=a little painful, especially when fingering hard. but nice video, very nice.

13 Tiffany { 11.24.09 at 3:50 am }

couldnt keep my mouth closed XD

14 Chrissy { 11.27.09 at 2:51 am }

I was so turned on by the passion that these two seemed to have. It made me miss my college days. I never got to enjoy the tribbing aspect but it makes me curious to try it!!

15 Nicky { 12.27.09 at 4:31 pm }
16 Marie { 12.29.09 at 1:31 pm }

I love this kind of lovemaking – never satisfied with a position or activity for more than one minute!

17 Renee { 01.14.10 at 6:02 pm }

Loved every minute of this.

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