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Lesbian Seduction

I briefly lost this clip and then happily found it again. It’s one of my favorites. There is simply no bad part of it – gorgeous to look at from start to finish. It’s one of those clips that are staged (stilettos) yet one still super sexy lesbian seduction.

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1 binky { 02.10.09 at 4:05 am }

I found this while surfing tube8. Very hot, passionate kissing…some intense tribbing, starting at the 14:09 mark. Ends with 69 and some more hot kissing.

2 Mike { 04.14.09 at 2:32 am }

I love ya so much i cant stand iu!!!

3 Anonymous { 06.11.09 at 1:00 am }

awesome site! this video is long, great quality, and all natural with some amazine tribbing around 18min and 30min!

4 Raul Valenzuela { 07.29.09 at 7:10 am }

I think is marvelous this kind of LOVE

5 GirlswithGirls { 07.31.09 at 3:48 pm }

The first one is an old tribbing video from Japan, one of my favorites. thought i’d share with everyone else.

the second i found recently and have also enjoyed. even if fisting isn’t your niche, this video is really sexy.

6 tessa wills { 09.16.09 at 9:29 am } seriously best video i have ever seen! you have to add it here!

7 Frank { 10.14.09 at 4:26 am }

Love your site! No other site focuses on Tribbing like yours does. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Tribbing is SOOOO sexy!

8 david { 11.21.09 at 11:10 am }

Thank you so much. Real women, making love. What an antidote to the fakery and sleaze. And thank you ladies for allowing us men in; Thank you, thank you, thank you.

9 mark { 02.15.10 at 8:42 am }

Are you guys still there? This is a wonderful site. i’m a straight male who is tired of the misogyny and misrepresentation of women in straight porn; its tiresome and not at all sexy. The clips on this site are sexy, passionate, intense and romantic. I especially enjoy the depiction of the partners as equal to each other; that’s important to me.

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