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Lesbian Dating

Many people see our videos and want to know how they can find like-minded people to try and enjoy the things they see. We don’t want to recommend just one site, so we are letting you comment on all the major options out there. We have two lists – lesbian only dating, and adult sites for bi women seeking men.

Lesbian Dating Sites – Possibly the biggest of the lesbian dating sites, millions (men and women) across their network, but thousands of lesbian women online at any one time. Chat, video, IM, email – you name it are featured. Many happy testimonials from people who have found their long term partners. If you have used it for longer or shorter term dating, please give your thoughts below.

Lesbian Dating Personals. The same company as Lesbian Personals Online, this site has free and paid options, with a “smile” option that acts as a wink (otherwise known as passive-aggresive flirting!). If you have had positive or negative experiences with either of these sites, let others know in the comment box.

Previous comments:

I have been on this site for approximately a week. This is my first experience using the net for meeting people. This has been so much fun… I especially love the “Smile” feature

Pink Sofa is now a classic lesbian dating site, but its focus is on chat first, dating second. Members can feel relaxed knowing that this is less of a ‘make or break’ site for every conversation they enter into. Truly international, if you live outside the major cities you might find your luck here.They also run a “The L Word” branded site, which just accesses the larger Pink Sofa site.

Craig’s List – We all know Craig’s list, first, select your city and then travel to “dating” and the group you wish to browse. There are relatively few safeguards on a Craig’s List list – so surf and chat responsibly.

Curious Love – Curious Love is a newcomer on the Lesbian Dating scene, but focuses on those looking for short term and physical relationships – i.e. sex straight away. We are interested in your experiences if you have used this service.

Previous Comments:

I love Curious love .com Because I Finally feel like I have a home. Before CL I had been going to chatroom after chat room looking for Lesbian sites, with out any luck. Men invade and pretend to be womyn an then they get gross. Here at CL I trust many of the people because we have become friends and I can see that they are actually womyn. I can’t wait to get to my computer and get on site at CL. HOME SWEET HOME.


It’s easier to search for a Lesbian on here than in person! Lol

Dating Sites that Include (Female Bi) Couples seeking Men)

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