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Lesbian Coming

We could only bring you one minute of this clip as a freebie, but we included it because it has some lovely lesbian kissing – and watching lesbians kiss as they come is sooo sexy to look at.

For the full clip (including the coming part) go to, and once inside, do a search for “Mara and Grace”.

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1 comment

1 Lactation Princess { 06.02.09 at 4:31 am }

This is amazing despite the lower film quality. They are rubbing and grinding so hard that I’m doubtful if anything is fake. Those are the motions needed to grind an orgasm out as I do them on all the time. That clip can make me orgasm in a matter of a few minutes. I actually think its very romantic despite the quality and plastic mat!

For anyone who likes VERY Large naturally breasted lesbian softcore Lactation, I love this one too from Porno Hub called Massive Tits get Milked. It is very loving and sweet though I wish they were tribbing :

Great website-THANKS SO MUCH!


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