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Educational Videos

Here at we believe in educating guys and girls that come across this site about the art of good lovemaking. We think the best way is to collect videos that show real and great sex, as well as collecting video tutorials that show the best ways to pleasure women. We hope this will bring more pleasure to women everywhere.

This great oral sex guide is given with a very hands on demonstration by a woman. It’s pretty, very real, but mostly you’ll be glad to hear someone clearly sharing the best way a woman thinks this should be done. I’ve watched this dozens of times and still get more tips on how to pleasure my girlfriend. The ‘dessert’ is watching her make her come at the end.

This series of videos was called “make your girlfriend orgasm full training (1 & 2)”, and it goes through what the presenter thinks is the most pleasurable to give a woman multiple (squirting!) orgasms. Again, watch it all, pick up the technique, then watch the most explosive and long lasting orgasm you’ve ever seen.

You can teach anything with the help of two attractive women. I’ve watched this like 7 times… how to do CPR (in a very sexy way). (I wish they’d make one for filling out my tax returns!)

And lastly, if you need help learning about fisting.

If you have comments, videos or tips as to the best way to pleasure a woman, leave them via a comment.

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1 kristin { 03.20.10 at 10:49 pm }

Awesome educational vidos!

2 kristin { 03.20.10 at 10:50 pm }

Awesome educational vids! Love this site

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