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Category — Hot Clips

Sweaty Lesbian Scissoring

This movie was found my Heather, and it is a really great, fun, sweaty clip that seems to have been shot in a hotel. Is it just me, or are hotel shoots extra sexy for some reason? Anyway, I loved the kissing at the start (interesting point of view), how much fun these gals were having, and how desperate they were to rub against each other. Phew!

Thanks, Heather. Remember, suggestions don’t have to be tribbing clips – any really natural, beautiful lesbian videos we want to share, let us know in the suggestion box.

April 19, 2010   No Comments

Sexy Tribbing at Home

A new video sent in from the Tribbing community via our front page. We have such good taste! This video is exactly what was set up for. It has real, passionate lovemaking between two girls, at home – with laughs, moans, and authentic emotions all the way through.

The tribbing is shown in all its glory, as are the sweaty kisses – so nice for these beautiful girls to let us in on their passionate experience!

Don’t forget to add your own best videos when you find them – it’s a way to keep them safe and help the quality stand out from all the trash out there.

April 13, 2010   No Comments

Lesbian Seduction

I briefly lost this clip and then happily found it again. It’s one of my favorites. There is simply no bad part of it – gorgeous to look at from start to finish. It’s one of those clips that are staged (stilettos) yet one still super sexy lesbian seduction.

December 3, 2008   9 Comments

Lesbians Fingering

We don’t usually include toys on – our aim is to present the most real and authentic lesbian videos, and most toy clips are made for men, in a very unconvincing way. This is an exception. This is an undeniably hot lesbian fingering clip. There are ads at the start – wait them out – because there is an undeniably hot girl on the bed coming up. No thumbnail here so you’ll have to take our word for it.

October 23, 2008   No Comments