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Category — Brunete Lesbians

Pretty Sex

Skip the setup scene, and don’t wait for the orgasms (they’re fake or don’t happen), but watch this clip for some of the most attractive lesbian sex you will have seen in a while.

April 3, 2012   No Comments

Shy Lesbian Lap Dance

If there’s proof that girls giving each other a lap dance is even sexier than having one given to you, this clip is it. It is terrible quality, the soundtrack is a disaster, there are only a few little kisses on the neck, and it cuts out when they remove their panties, but we love it for the shy girl getting the strip tease (so rare), awkwardness, and downright sexiness of the three stripping girls. More, please.

July 27, 2011   1 Comment

Viv Thomas – All About Eve

We are excited here at to announce that many of our members’ favorite maker of lesbian erotica – Viv Thomas – has released some sections of his videos onto the free websites. This is from All About Eve – but all of his lesbian videos become must-haves. Great kissing and what looks like real oral at 6:00. You can see free examples of them all in the DVD section (or watch them all online) in his site.

May 31, 2010   No Comments

Sweaty Lesbian Scissoring

This movie was found my Heather, and it is a really great, fun, sweaty clip that seems to have been shot in a hotel. Is it just me, or are hotel shoots extra sexy for some reason? Anyway, I loved the kissing at the start (interesting point of view), how much fun these gals were having, and how desperate they were to rub against each other. Phew!

Thanks, Heather. Remember, suggestions don’t have to be tribbing clips – any really natural, beautiful lesbian videos we want to share, let us know in the suggestion box.

April 19, 2010   No Comments

Lesbian Tribbing Video

Tribbing, sexy real kissing at the beginning, a passionate ending – what more can we say, other than this nice video goes for nearly 30 minutes.

January 12, 2009   17 Comments