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Category — 18

Real Lesbians

Another quality video recommended by a member of the community.

If it is down (which it often seems to be), go to this link. This one features a rather beautiful and tender (yes, there can be such a thing!) hardcore moment between two lovers. Jump the video two-thirds in to see the scene.

For those of you wishing to try this for yourselves, remember these principles. Firstly, there is no rush. Place a gradually increasing number of fingers inside your partner, pausing when you feel resistance, and putting extra effort into clitoral stimulation. As you feel your partner relax, you will be able to enter your partner more fully. A twisting motion may help, and of course use plenty of lubrication. Always follow your partner’s suggestions, and be careful of being too vigorous.

Remember to share your favorite lesbian clips in any comment box. Leave the URL and we will make a post to feature the best. is the site for real lesbians in real moments of love and intimacy, so if the acts are as much for the women involved as the viewer, we will likely share it with our viewers.

October 5, 2009   5 Comments